Bianca Demo was born in Italy in 1969 where she remained until the completion of her studies.

This artist with an Italian father and a Basque mother arrived late in the world of arts, since she graduated in 2015 from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the ULL University of La Laguna, Tenerife.

She has managed to achieve her own artistic language, which immerses her works in a special atmosphere that envelops and attracts the observer. Little by little, Bianca Demo has deepened her figurative painting, focusing her interest on the human face and studying volumes, anatomical aspects and shades of colour. She placed a lot of emphasis on light, but at a certain point she felt a certain need to enter the shadows.

From this need comes the idea of investigating a certain symbolism in a continuous search to discover what attracts us from the darkness. "I try to reproduce on the canvas the dark side of the human being who hides from light and reason, and who lets himself be glimpsed in the shadows. This is how common subjects and individuals arise, between light and shadow, revealing their personal shadow, a set of frustrations, negative and painful experiences, fears, insecurities that accompany us from the cradle ».




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