The main interest of my photographic work is to find beauty and balance in everything around me.

My name is Boris Grozdanič Gorjan, I am a professional photographer.

I work in commercial and artistic fields.

I come from Slovenia, a small, green country. Growing up immersed in the colours of nature, light and textures, I have spent my time reading books since early childhood, feeding my imagination, which I now bring back into photography.

Interested in all that is alternative, my first flirt with art began with music. I played guitar as a teenager and composed music in various bands. Later I became interested in computer graphics, which I deepened with studying and then working as a graphic designer.

This inevitably led me to work with photography. Being very precise, I learned photographic retouching and post-production, making the whole process my own.

After being completely immersed in photography, I started working as an assistant with some internationally renowned photographers, where I learned various techniques on analogue and darkroom photography, from there, my first steps in digital photography.

As a self-taught photographer, since 2006, I started working with advertising agencies, for different brands (lighting industry, car, commercials, food photography) as well as editorial magazines in my native land (Eva, Obrazi, Ona).

The positive side of working in a small advertising market, at the beginning of my career, was to expand in a creative way, different fields of wide vision: portraits, fashion, still life. Later, my enormous interest in different forms of photography led me to attend the Fashion Photography Course at IED the European Institute of Design in Milan and then I started working on the international market.

At the IED I had the great opportunity to be guided by Stefano Babic who had a great positive impact on me and my work. In addition to commercial works, I found the need to record with my camera, my vision of the world.

I am attracted by the interpretation of geometric shapes, I guess this comes from my fascination with painters like Kandinsky, Malevič, Rothko and the Bauhaus school. Many times I observe a set of objects, shapes, spaces and I transform that reality into something abstract that is not as recognizable as the object it was originally.

Lately a love from the past has resurfaced: the analogue camera. Film for me is pure magic, it gives a special perception, that you can't just see, but almost touch it; it has a huge positive impact on the image and brings a very harmonious interaction.

One of my interests is to wander through ancient places and look for interesting plots, shadows and shapes.

"You cannot understand light without shadow".


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