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Art strips me of the armour that I wear to face everyday life.

Cetti Tumminia was born in Sassuolo (Modena) in 1977 and obtained a Master of Art Diploma in 1996 and a Diploma in Advertising Graphics and Photography in 1998.

Always interested in the world of art, from the mid-90s to 2013 she dedicated himself to acting in the theatre. This path is suddenly interrupted by the rediscovered pictorial language to which she decides to dedicate herself exclusively.

In 2013, she began her artistic research in the field of drawing and hyperrealist painting by choosing graphite as her preferred technique and experimenting with a variety of different media and pictorial means. Since 2015 she has taken part in numerous group exhibitions organized by both private galleries and public bodies, receiving awards in national and international competitions.

Since 2018 her career as a visual artist has become professional, as well as dedicating himself to his poetics, she proposes himself as a hyper-realistic portrait artist for photography.

"Art strips me of the armour that I wear to face everyday life, to contrast what I do not accept and that does not belong to me. It is a high and at the same time deep, necessary means to communicate with myself and with others: it helps me to highlight positive human characteristics, to balance what is the visible world that daily wears out the best part of us. It is a way to fight silently, a way to dig in and take me out, a way to scream, a way to welcome and forgive myself, a way to find peace and have hope."

"...I use real lights and shadows, but I expect them to be a means of conducting from the depths to the surface, beyond human existence. And the latter, in whose human face it often finds its necessary place, must live imperfectly as an approximation to perfect fragility...".


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