"snapping" has always represented for him a sort of meta-communication.

Fabio Turri was born in Rome in 1974. Architect, he worked in various studios both in Italy and internationally before devoting himself to the freelance profession. He approached photography as a child following the passion of his mother Bruna and father Romano, who noticed his curiosity and gave him his first camera.

Since then "shooting" has always represented for him a sort of meta-communication with which he conveys the experience of capturing with his own eyes a detail noticed in the pop chaos of a megalopolis, or of capturing the beauty in the face of a passer-by, or a colour exploded in the architectural rigour.

His passion for travel leads him to explore, through the camera, a universe of multiple and confusing images where, however, his special gaze always manages to capture and enhance diversity, both in the static nature of buildings and in the movement of street people.

A heterogeneous world of shots that finds its common thread in streetphotography and in the cultural and pop research of the "different in the whole", giving back to the viewer a gallery of images full of a poignant emotionality.

"Everything is what it is because everything has been what it has been"


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