Each phase of change also affects its visual language as impressions, imprinting, from the simplest to the most complex.

Fabrizio Sclocco was born in Pescara, the first drawings date back to the age of three years. He focused his attention on form, movement and rarely on colour. Enrolled in the artistic high school in Pescara, while his artistic sensibility grew over the years, he developed a strong interest in architecture discovering another side of himself.

In 2008 he began his studies at the University of Architecture in Pescara. Not completely satisfied, he left university and the conditions in which he lived to move to Toronto. During his first three years of work experience he held various roles; waiter, salesman and finally Visual Merchandiser for furniture shops such as Putti, Fendi Casa and Missoni Home where shop windows now become new opportunities to create volumetric paintings. Later he joined the film industry as a Set Designer, a crucial moment for his creativity, which began to manifest itself in various shades.

Scenographer by day, Artist by night.

It has always been inspired by the theatricality of the plays of light in Caravaggio's works and by the visual contrasts in the architectural works of the 20th century, in which games of overbearing geometric shapes are created.

Its aim is to continue to explore itself through the visual structure and emotional components of art, absorbing all the emotions and experiences of everyday life that pervade it and to have the respect and sensitivity to be transparent with oneself. What differentiates its artistic process today from the previous one is to communicate with oneself and one's emotions, and to extrapolate them in words, concepts and drawings. The next step is to examine them.

Each phase of change also affects its visual language as impressions, imprinting, from the simplest to the most complex. Short, bare strokes of ink outline forms stored as recurring memories, while the intent of a complete release of a deeply lived and now distant memory or an emotional memory comes to life with the complex

"We collect experiences that inspire us, whether we see them or not. What I'm doing now is connecting all these points and getting something out of them..."


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