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Through Action Painting and the manipulation of images and signs, Forli gives life to a performance, which translates into art the stimuli coming from the environment around it.

Matteo Forli (Genoa 1981) a young multi-purpose artist, over the years he has worked in street art, photography and painting.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, he has exhibited his works in several solo and group exhibitions and won prizes in the sector.

In 2006 he developed his personal artistic project "Anatomic Stylism", which over time has been divided into different artistic fields, from painting to a series of performances.

In his pictorial work Matteo applies a process of abstraction and an intense anatomical investigation to produce works which, while starting from a principle of analysis of the internal human body, organs and limbs, go beyond the violent dimension of the subject in question, arriving at a refined and materialistic representation.

The technique is mixed (oil, spray, enamel, Indian ink, pencil, sand, flatting, marker), applied on a "leatherette" support which, besides making the work certainly particular and unique, refers to the initial concept of personal anatomical research.

The range of colours used is often delicate and soft and strongly contrasted by the black Indian ink and the materiality of the support and the materials mixed with the painting.

The result is an abstract work at first sight but which, on closer examination, reveals its figurative and more intimately human origin, understood in a physical and anatomical sense. They are certainly works of impact and originality that give a character of uniqueness to the work and research carried out by Forli.

"The human body is always the starting point in my research, whether it is vaguely mentioned, as in the drawings, or used as a basis on which to develop my own style."


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