January 25th  - February 28th


There is a quiet beauty in everyday life. The beauty of those actions that we perform every day and that are a spontaneous expression of our feelings. In familiar objects there is a beauty, something we do not see but feel. Objects hold memories, habits, dreams, affections, anxieties, dramas. They express silent poetry celebrated by simple actions. Narrating the wonder that is hidden in everyday life is possible. Art does not need exceptional structures, it deals with listening and feeling the spirit of things, and this is only possible if we go further that thin line that makes a common object a work of art.








My name is Alessandra Venturi and I have been painting for about thirty years. My schooling is not artistic, but after high school I attended a course to learn painting techniques.
I studied architecture in Florence, and in my free time I continued to paint. Even though I did not get my degree, this experience has certainly influenced my style. I worked for sixteen years as a stylist for various companies and in the meantime I attended some painting and drawing courses to improve my technique. I am now employed part-time and I'm painting full-time.

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Gaia Bellini was born in Bardolino in 1996. After completion of her studies, she spent a year in South America and was able to learn more about colour naturally occurring in the plant world. Afterwards, she returned to Italy and graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Venice in Visual Arts.