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From Structural Painting on sheet metal and plastic materials to Flying Installations

From (X)enZero structures to (Z)enZero installations; from MatriceMater Stellata Booklets to Infinite Knitted Jewellery; from Murals to MatriceMater lighting systems nothing happens by chance but everything happens through MatriceMater TempoR(e)ale.

Pamela Ferri (Tivoli  - 21 August 1975) lives and works in Medolago (Bergamo). After a musical education since she was a child, she attended the ISA ROMA2 Art Institute specializing in sculpture in the plastic arts laboratory.

She deepens the dimensional relationship of the material by attending the University of Architecture Roma Tre, paying attention and strengthening the design and structural phases.

In her work she focuses and pays attention to various artistic, scientific and design collaborations. All this has helped him to find a unique dimension called MatriceMater Stellata of a TempoR(e)ale Spherical Time System which, on the sly, already in 2000, began to play a fundamental role in his artistic and design research.

The Matrice/Mater Stellata is a unique code that bases each of its dimensions on the rhomboidal figure of a cosmic spiral; a concept of Dimensione TempoR(e)ale that has in itself the intuitive study of fractal geometry, the harmonic theory of strings, the M-Teoria and all that the Universe communicates.

The Infinite continues to repeat itself uninterruptedly in the movement and in the various configurations that each "Body" can assume where there is neither its momentary Finite, nor the Void; there is no Beginning, nor End; there is no Space but Dimensions where Time acts as sovereign, because it is Time that gives strength to every living or inanimate system creating parallel and different situations while always following the same code, the same MatrixMater but with sequences that mark matter inevitably different, because Time is never the same.

"The Matrice/Mater is that very evolved part of Me; I cannot even understand what it really is, but I know that in these lower floors, where it does not live, there is only its residual part that guides me and, perhaps one day, continuing to follow only the pure instinct of the Soul, I will be able to see it".


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