The world of Boris Grozdanič Gorjan

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A fully personal story made up of black and white and bright colours.

Lived stories represented by out-of-context objects and shadows, memories, and an out-of-focus vision of reality. This is the world of

Boris Grozdanič Gorjan


Lines and Forms

These photographs have a special sense. They were taken at a time of life changes, an allegory of what occurred to me, they have an entirely personal and shareable significance.


Since I am short-sighted, I can’t see objects that are some distance away from me very well without wearing glasses. Thanks to that observation, I asked myself: "How do people with a much weaker vision than mine see things around them? How blurry do things become? What happens with colours?" Through photographic experimentation I achieved these results, which got me closer to the answers to my questions. When I worked on it and developed the project further, an unconscious similarity came up with some of Rothko's paintings, which attract me. When I work on this series, first I look for the right settings, with the appropriate colours and light that give the desired end result. I walk around with an open mind in order to see the subjects to be photographed in advance, as the ensuing image is very different from what the eyes see.


I have been intrigued by subtle, refined and fragile patterns since I was a child. In the nature elements, most people only see something to be replaced with a bold pop and show-off or else they are just avoiding seeing. Looking at them as they are, those subtle, unobtrusive colours, the subtle parchment texture, people see how all beauty is fragile and therefore must be embraced with love.


I have always been attracted to dead trees. The sense of tangible presence even after they are no longer alive. The shape they had and have now, like a memory, something still to tell. I think it' s very poetic.

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