Damiano Fasso

Damiano Fasso works with photography, painting and drawing, video and installation.

The protagonist of his photographic project "A New World" (2019-2020) is a plastic figure with the characteristics of an astronaut.

The little explorer finds himself in the foreground, in profile attached to a metal cord, which still holds him to his spaceship, prey to the absence of gravity.

The figure appears as if crushed in front of extraneous surfaces. Surfaces that might seem like the soil of remote and unknown planets are instead anonymous surfaces of objects taken from reality, frame and Instagram patterns in the consumer society.

The alteration of perception generates a distorted reality. It is our gaze, which deceived and deceived, is convinced that what it sees corresponds to the authentic and only truth.

In "Another lonesome pop death" (2017-2018) death becomes cool and pop, something that by bringing us together puts us in the same ranks, flattens the personality of the single and generates the multiple. Man, being aware that life respects a cycle, from birth to death, also faces the end in an overwhelming solitude, with the awareness of being alone but united by this destiny.

The drawings and paintings, in fluorescent colours and glitter, are actually made with unconventional materials such as gunpowder, lead salts, poisons and insecticides, associated with pvc, acrylics, fluorescent enamels, wire and polycarbonate.

In his art, Fasso introduces Chinese and Japanese ideograms which however convey fatal messages: “solitary pop death/suicide", a reprise of the typical game over in the video games.

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