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Grigorii Pavlychev is a contemporary Russian artist who mixes Expressionism and Figurative styles. His work is focused on passions, relationships and the human body.

He was born in Russian Siberia in 1986, then moved to St. Petersburg in 2001 and graduated from Facility of Arts of St. Petersburg State University.

By the age of 33, he put a solo show at the historic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.

At the beginning of 2018, Grigorii Pavlychev was granted the full membership of Russian Union of Artists (painting department), in 2016 he took part in a group show in Boston, participated residence for artists in Belgium.

His work is followed by more than 120 collectors around the world: USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Six paintings of the artist are in the collection of National Bank of Bahrain.

The inspiration comes from classical models, Renaissance's figurative poses, body's study by Michelangelo, the softness and the blurred outlines by Correggio and other artists from Emilia Romagna. In his eyes and mind maybe are present the lessons from the eighteen century, the English and French delicate "capricci" by Antoine Watteau, Boucher, Joshua Reynolds. But every past reference, linked to modern art history, is embodied and reinterpreted in the light of German and French Expressionism and Abstract-Expressionism. Starting from Egon Schiele, Edward Munch, Matisse's use of colours, the liberation of stroke and the fluidity of the line, he arrives to vanish the background and stir the atmosphere, in a furious battle with the surface. Pours and drippings of fresh paint, are left to dry and ferment. Strong shades, bright hues and complementary colours, superimposed so as to seem casual, animate the surface all around as if they found their origin and vigour from the human figure and his inner storm of secret feelings.

Pavlychev uses different media and techniques: oil on canvas, fiber net glued mixed with oil on linen canvas.

One of his most successful series origins from the references taken from different artists: for example The Roman Couple (after Couture) is freely inspired by Thomas Couture's masterpiece Romans of the decadence. He generally chooses to take fragments of scenes from historical paintings by artists such as Bouguereau, Rubens. Bazille, Gentileschi, Van Dyck.

The artist, in every composition, creates a moving swirl that affects the figures horizontally and diagonally, giving the sensation of capturing a moment as in a "stolen photograph", a motion in a given time and space, which will never be repeated. Vanitas looms over creatures but, for a moment, they seem to escape decadence, in an intense and magical dreamlike encounter of human beings. The physiognomic rendering is not important, what interests the Russian artist is to suggest a contact "a touch", albeit an elusive one, between two or more people, or with one's own singularity and state of mind.


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