Interview with Fabio Turri

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Tell us a few things about yourself, how did you come in touch with art?

I was lucky enough to come in touch with art since I was a child, thanks to the trips I made with my parents. Also thanks to the school, I had the chance to visit cities and museums and to get closer to art and architecture, let's say I received an "art education".

The passion for photography was born in you as a child, however, you have started studying in a different direction and became an architect, how come? Probably because I have never thought that photography is a profession in the strict sense of the word, it is my passion and it’s what allows me to move away from the profession of architect.

Did you attend a photography course or did you learn what you know as a self-taught photographer? Initially, I started out self-taught, then I also took some courses to learn more about different technical aspects of photography, but there is still a lot to be learned!

How much does architecture impact on your shots and how much does photography influence your work as an architect? Architecture teaches you "to walk with your nose up" looking for the shapes and details that make up the buildings in the cities I have had the opportunity to visit; at the same time, it leads you to design and conceive new shapes and details. The spirit of observation and the ability to compose are two fundamental elements in photography, surely architecture has helped me to refine them. Photographic work, on the other hand, works mainly on an emotional level, which I sometimes try to transfer into the design with the idea of creating spaces that can touch those who live there. Each of these two disciplines brings benefits and value to the other, it is a productive and two-way exchange.

What were the most significant steps in your artistic career? Definitely my exhibition experiences; in particular, during Roma Art Week 2018 and the exhibition Prospettive Inverse, where I was able to show my work, thus exposing a very personal part of myself.

Who are the photographers who have most influenced your works? Josef Koudelka and Gianni Berengo Gardin, for their ability to rework and convey emotions through their shots.

Do you take analogue or digital shots? Either way, it depends on the time and the camera I have available.

When do you shoot, do you usually start with a clear concept for a series or is the series defined afterwards? It is often defined a posteriori, also because when I look at photographs taken at different times I can always find a common thread.

As a photographer, what about B/W? I use black and white when I want to make a photograph more incisive, because it allows me to better focus everything I want to communicate or represent.

How much does the historical period in which you live influence your artistic production? At the moment we can say that I am taking advantage of this particular historical period to take a pause for reflection and recharge my batteries.

Among the photographs exhibited in the gallery, which is the one you are most attached to? Definitely LoveStory, since it is the photo that introduced me and marked the beginning of this path.


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