Interview with Grigorii Pavlychev

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How did your passion for art begin?

I have been drawing and painting since my early childhood as long as I remember myself. That’s the most natural state for me.

Where did the decision to combine expressionism and figurative art come from?

I didn’t really make any decision to combine them, that was some natural evolution I’d say. Started from mostly graphics during my study, I switched to painting as I fell in love with oil paint: it can be quite unpredictable while gives you the widest range of technical possibilities. I never really wanted to put limits on the natural expressionistic paint and brush movements while human body was always the most inspiring thing for me. Even 100% identical poses are very different each time: shapes, plastics, shades, angel and viewpoint height are always unique and could be a subject for the brand-new painting. So, I love exploring figurative bodies with due respect to anatomy while remain free with colors and as they move inside of these bodies.

What would you like to communicate to the people watching your female nudes?

Human body is undeniably the most natural thing we can look at, we can think about and we can desire for. And Female Nude as a genre doesn’t have to be vulgar by any means weather it representationalism or expressionism.

Which of your works did you feel most “involved” in?

That’s a hard question. A lot of paintings gave me this feeling of real inspiration at certain stages of work, so I just painted them leading by this felling, while almost having no thoughts. At the same time there’re stages when you just need to do things automatically or take a breath from the making and brainstorm for some time. So, every painting demands to be involved as much as possible while the result could be different.

Is there any artist by whom you feel inspired in any way?

The art of Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon and fauvists like Kees van Dongen is what inspires me. But art only, I am hardly interested in artists themselves and their personality. Same goes to my favorite singers and musicians - I don’t follow their personal life.

What are your ambitions?

My main ambition is to continue the path I’m walking establishing my art, as that’s what I really love. If wide recognition in every sense is attached - good, while that’s definitely not the main objective because basically I do what I do just because I want to do so and not because anyone likes it. At the same time, I like when people look at my art same way as I do and feel same things.

What do you draw inspiration from when you paint?

It depends on the mood. The impulse always comes from inside. Usually music and human body help me to extract this impulse from inside and put it onto canvas. Music is my biggest doping, it fills me with energy and helps on the early stages of the work. And sometimes I just paint in complete silence listening to my own feelings and thoughts.

What materials do you prefer to work with?

Oil colors. Sometimes I use acrylic primers and acrylic spray paint for background.

For the colour palette you use, do you take any inspiration from something or someone?

Sometimes I can draw the basic idea of the pallet for my own painting from someone’s artwork that I liked (no matter what style and subject it is), as the only thing that matters is some unique state that inspires me for the very first steps for my own painting.

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