Not so Ordinary Objects, goodbye and see you soon!

Updated: 3 days ago

The time has come to say goodbye to the first edition of "Not so Ordinary Objects".

It was an online initiative full of interesting implications. A new audience has come to know FMB Art Gallery, many new artists and creatives have had the opportunity to show their artworks and see them enhanced. We have been able to recognize how objective reality is something that hides unexpected surprises, even the tool that seems most anonymous and silent can communicate a huge potential, hidden behind its ordinary appearance.

14 artists were selected, 3 for the "drawing" category, 3 for the "photography" category, 8 for "painting": Av Art, Paolo Bandinu, Gaia Bellini, Sara Camporesi, Laura Chilivani, Caramello, Stefano Cipollari, Stefan Doru Moscu, Alice Ferretti, Cristina Mangini, Damian Nenadic, Manuel Olivares, Soloartelanzo and Camelia Rostom.

Some works have received particular attention from virtual visitors: "Visione a colori" by Soloartelanzo, "Bernabe Table" by Sara Camporesi, "Sacchi" by Laura Chilivani, "Reverie" by Paolo Bandinu, "The healing spot" by Stefan Doru Moscu, "The coffee maker of dreams" by AV Art, "After Harvest" and "The Pincushion" by Alice Ferretti, "Photo 3" by Damian Nenadic. In general, all the participating artworks were admired by a heterogeneous audience, connected above all by Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Italy but not only!

We want to thank all the creative people who have responded to our call, getting involved and respecting the judgment of our jury's experts. A heartfelt thank you to the artists who have been selected by our jury. Last but not least, many thanks to all our team who, behind the scenes, supported the art gallery, making the online event possible.

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