Not So Ordinary Objects: the first 5 artists

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Welcome to "Not so ordinary objects".

We decided to present to you the artworks selected by the jury of the FMB Art Gallery.

We selected 14 artists for the online exhibition.

Now, let's start to speak about the first 5: a photographer, an illustrator and three painters.

What do these artists have in common? The technical precision and the minimalism of the details.

Sara Camporesi defines herself as a Phototeller - Narrator Photographer.

In addition to her passion and work as a photographer, she is also a young photography curator.

The loneliness can help the human beings to rediscover the pleasure to be surrounded by shapes and different colours.

A blue coffee cup is abandoned on a table letting us imagine the person who could sip the drink, enjoying the aroma and flagrance. We can admire a symphony of blues and arabesques.

SOLOARTELANZO nickname for the young illustrator Gennaro Lanzo partecipate to the exhibition with Visione a colori (Vision in colours): a black and white naive drawing is letter-ally invaded by two cone-shaped prisms that start from the eyes and illuminate the ceiling of the room. They are articulated visions of stylized little creatures, starting from the irises of a man sitting on a sofa. He is intent on smoking and relaxing while his peace is interrupted by an irrepressible colour fantasy.

Gennaro Lanzo said he love artists such as Alfred Kubin, Salvador Dalì e Roland Topor. We can find a surrealistic matrix in his works but also a pop effervescence and the proliferations of silhouettes and figurative contents. There is a puzzled combined imagination that remember us about Keith Haring’s colorful world. In fact, a marked line distinguishes the figures and each closed outline corresponds to a chromatic background.

Manuel Olivares created elongated and diluted forms like highly flexible plastics, alienating and close points of view. A blue crutch, resting on a chair on the balcony, comes to life. It seems to challenge a menacing grey and monotonous lamppost.

A white chair and table experience a dreamlike metamorphosis, their tapered shadows create a net of phantasmagoric shapes.

AV ART, artistic name for Alessandra Venturi, realized La caffettiera dei sogni, (the dreams' coffee maker).

An object used day by day, as soon as you wake up, becomes a metaphor for personal fulfillment. How Aladdin's magic lamp can satisfy the wishes of its owner. In place of coffee in the morning, a potion that strengthens determination comes out of the powerful container.

Camelia Rostom, of Lebanese origin is specialized in painting and sculpting.

Camellia uses some table utensils - knives, spoons and forks - to allude to the moment for conversation and dialogue that people create during the meal.

The cascade or rather the intertwining of the cutlery expresses the bond between human beings. The tools are all similar in shape, apart from minor differences, but shine with different lustre.

Similarly, men - akin in body structure - differ in thought, ideals, modes of interaction. They shine thanks to their unique characters and qualities.

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