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Not So Ordinary Objects: the last 5 participants

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The last 5 artists of the online event Not so ordinary objects share an animistic tendency towards the object, which assumes human values, qualities and attitudes. Alternatively, they present items as metaphors for a historical moment and an atmosphere full of tension and expectations.

Damian Nenadić is a photographer. During the lockdown, he portrays himself as a giant, an elephant in a crystal cabinet, in what look like the rooms of a doll's house.

The difference in size recalls the episode of Alice in Wonderland.

The repetition of small daily gestures is reduced to absurdity because these actions are devoid of the spirit that usually invests them, of the contingency, of interpersonal relationships. As if we only knew the rituality of a tribe and had no way to fathom the context and the deep motivations.

Damian writes "the new materialism conceives of knowledge as a dynamic reflection of organized matter, that is, it treats reality as a relationship".

Cristina Mangini is a drawer who uses pastels on paper or enamels on canvas.

The objects are arranged in a gravitational circle, with their thickness and their almost sculptural and installation presence. At first glance, some drawings, given the skill and precision, look like photographs or digital elaborations.

The elements are placed on an imaginary Cartesian plane, a mental rather than physical space. They float in a depthless white ether. These portraits of minute objects require proxemic proximity to allow one to admire the subtlety of details that makes each component of the whole similar but not identical to the others.

Caramello, alias Matteo Casali, is a painter.

For Heidegger, art has the task of revealing the truth of things. In his investigation of aesthetics, his dissertation starts from a painting by Van Gogh in which the subject is a pair of shoes. Work-shoes become a revelation of the peasant world.

In the case of Caramello, shoes are a way of portraying a person without revealing the identity, making he or she enter the realm of anonymity but at the same time talking about the human being through a symbol, a consumer object. These paintings are part of the White Period series - developed during the lockdown - in which a neutral background is used to indicate a non-place. Shoes are emptied of their function, being people hindered by long walks and errands, trips and meetings with friends. However, they become useful for communicating human characters, emotions, discrepancies and lack of communication.

Stefano Cipollari is a painter represented by FMB Art Gallery.

In Un giorno con te (la coppia) a pair of socks are neatly placed on a neutral background, white half-leg with one black and two-midnight blue stripes. Similar but not identical, due to being shod on the right and left foot. Socks have neutral genres, like love which shouldn't be a pre-established formation but open to all combinations, not only binary but fluid.

The authenticity of love, whether it blossomed like a spontaneous flower or is the result of thoughtful reasoning, could perhaps be judged but never executed.

Stefano touches the toes of his socks in a caress, as in his other paintings he represents homosexual love without filters, in a genuine push or boys who fight against prejudice and integration difficulties.

Laura Chilivani uses traditional techniques such as oil on canvas. She writes "nothing is senseless when you slow down, silence the mind, observe: the colour, the forms, the value are revealed".

In Sacchi, she painted numerous sacks. They are abandoned on algid trolleys but could potentially contain anything, even wonders. If we think of the simple objects, sacks, we feel disgusted (because we associate them with garbage). Yet, filtering reality through her gaze, Laura transforms these elements, from banal representations of consumerist accumulation and residual waste, into key elements of surreal mystery.

Just think of Man Ray's photographs or how artists such as Burri or Beuys have used jute as a material of choice.

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