Not So Ordinary Objects, the sensitivity of 4 artists

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The 4 artists of this online appointment with Not so ordinary objects share a sensitivity for the latent aspects of everyday objects. Chandeliers, sofas, domestic interiors are charged with emotional vibration.

Alice Ferretti is a photographer who demonstrates a peculiar sensitivity. Her shots evoke suffused atmospheres. The colours do not vibrate, they are sucked into the half-light.

In After harvest she chooses a convivial and intimate moment, yet does not capture the scene in the unfolding of the action. She alludes to the action's result by showing the first fruits harvested from the fields. The glass bowl is abandoned on the kitchen counter. It is next to the other utensils, such as jugs and humble paper trays. Fresh fruits are not presented with ceremonies and embellishments but simply in their minimal and essential aspect. The spoils of the harvest are like a daily gift, a fragment of life.

The pincushion expresses the pain of loss, the cloth is full of dust. The needles are stuck in the heart of the fabric like pins in a voodoo doll. The dark has been taken during a blackout in the lockdown's period. The light of the candles helps the activity in the kitchen, illuminating and giving warmth to a sad meal because it is consumed in a moment of despair.

Stefan Doru Moscu is a Romanian painter. In Healing spot we observe an empty place that reminds us of the sentimental weight of those who have left that vacancy. An armchair can accommodate the silhouette of a person, but when it is left without a guest it makes us think only of his/her absence.

The artist "intends to deconstruct the reality, fairy tales, old photo that depict childhood and adult culture, in a discourse that challenge the existing political, economical, social and technological paradigms". In this case, two "living environments" are like anchors to decipher reality.

Outlining the manufacture of convivial living room objects, he wants to draw a line that from the past - the times of the Cold War, the Soviet government - builds a meaningful relationship with the present time: the result of the transitions of power, fashion, customs and traditions.

Gaia Bellini is an artist and an illustrator. She shows some graceful drawings in china in this online exhibition. She wants to give back to the observer "a daily look at the true reality of things" using the quality of the sign and of the line-drawing.

The outline of things becomes cursive. The artist manages to capture the minimal beauty of what surrounds us. The stroke of the hand glides on the sheet, capturing the contours without the shadows, it goes straight to its goal.

The winner of this battle with reality is just the mould, in its purity. Bellini does not waste time looking at superfluous decorations. She wants to emphasize the shape that occupies the space, which in the two-dimensionality of the design becomes volatile and luminous - stands out in black on white -, without a bulky volume. The artist records anonymous objects on Fabriano paper, such as an umbrella stand or a lamp. By being chosen, these elements become worthy of attention.

Paolo Bandinu is an Italian painter and video maker from Sardinia. He organizes "a theatre of shadows and evanescent figures in the suspension of becoming". In Reverie, the observer finds himself alone in a dreamlike dimension. The walls are covered with peeling paper. At the centre of the composition, armchairs that share the backrest - in the style of nineteenth-century living rooms - provide an effective visual pivot thanks to which the room seems to turn on to infinity.

What strikes the viewer the most is the colour. It spreads across the surface like a diffuse tide. The bottle green tint of the walls instils a sense of restlessness and, at the same time, donates to the paintings a disarming charm. The expressive and nuanced brushstroke creates a dynamism that envelops the objects and subjects them to a continuous ideal metamorphosis. Yet the image remains fixed, it is the feeling of mobility that it animates that makes this series of paintings interesting.

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