Not So Ordinary Objects

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“I have every useless thing in the world in my house there. The only thing wanting is the necessary thing, a great patch of open sky like this. Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life, little boy,” he added, turning to me. “You have a soul in you of rare quality, an artist’s nature; never let it starve for lack of what it needs.”

Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time

There is a "quiet beauty" that surround us in everyday life. Nevertheless, what is beauty we really need?

What is the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary? Why can an object that is part of our daily life become an icon, all of a sudden?

Arthur Danto structures an entire critical analysis starting from Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes, Marcel Duchamp with a logical leap transforms a urinal into a work of art Fountain. Jeff Koons, with an irony reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp, from 1981 to 1987 showcases vacuum cleaners in New Hoover Convertibles.

Objects are like coffers that contain the beauty of contact and the memory of the experience. The object gives us information on the person to whom it belonged, on his tastes, on his passions. The object can bring out memories and preserve the bond with people who are no longer alive, in the present.

Above all, the object undergoes the passage of time and ages. It becomes vintage, can become a symbol of a historical period and a testimony of the traditions and the customs. Like happens in Proust's "In Search of Lost Time"(À la recherche du temps perdu) is it possible to travel through memories, anchoring ourself to the objects of blurred reality, a reality by nightfall.

A simple object or furniture may hold feelings, habits, dreams, affections, anxieties, dramas.

FMB Art Gallery asked professional and emerging artists to submit only portraits of objects. They had to send also a short description or the motivation that led to the creation of the work itself.

Art is about listening and feeling the spirit of things. Therefore, we are open to sharing these feelings and exhibiting some artworks and their hidden nature, in a digital showroom. Indeed, these works are linked to the fluidity of emotions and thoughts.

We made a call looking for NOT SO ORDINARY OBJECTS. The artists could answer using different media and materials: Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Illustration, Graphic Design and Sculpture. Our jury selected the best artworks and projects.

The result is an online exhibition that will last from January 25th 2021 until February 28th 2021.

The artists selected for this event are :

Alice Ferretti, AV Art, Camelia Rostom, Cristina Mangini, Damian Nenadic, Soloartelanzo, Stefan Doru Moscu, Gaia Bellini, Laura Chilivani, Manuel Olivares, Matteo 'Caramello' Casali, Paolo Bandinu, Sara Camporesi.

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