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Curiosity, innovation, creativity and a lot of talent. Alberto Alicata, born in 1983, is a young photographer who graduated from the Centro Romano di Fotografia e Cinema in Rome and whose works have been widely recognized around the world. Elle Italia, The Telegraph, SkyArte, The Guardian, Internazionale, Wired, and Corriere della Sera to name but a few of the newspapers that have reported on his photographs. A leading figure in the fashion world, he lives between Milan and Paris and uses his camera to tell the behind- the-scenes stories of fashion weeks and major fashion shows, but not only. His artistic career is based on a careful use of photographic media, hybridized with other art forms such as fashion, but also painting.

In 2016 he won the Sony World Photography Awards with the Iconic B project, a series of images in which the artist pays homage to the great masters of photography by reproducing some of the most famous fashion shots interpreted by the doll par excellence, Barbie. Following the success of Iconic B, he turned his attention to Humanize: a new project that this time features drawing mannequins in the shoes of lovers captured in photos of the most famous kisses; the famous one in Time Square taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, the couple in 1950s Paris shot by Robert Doisneau or the work of Elliot Erwitt's reflected kiss.

Remakes of photos illustrating complicated and painful historical periods in which a simple yet powerful gesture succeeds in arousing in the viewer a feeling of peace and joy. In Alicata's works, everything is emphasized by the desire to break down all gender barriers thanks to the neutral form of the mannequin; the photographer wants to give anyone the chance to identify with that image and decides to do so by adopting a ploy that denounces a form of discrimination which, although eliminated on a large scale, continues to creep into contemporary society. The artist's attention to the social issue is certainly not a characteristic that is hidden or in any way concealed, as was already demonstrated by the choice to reproduce in Iconic B the photo of Iranian artist Shirin Neshat; one of the most famous Muslim artists who uses art as a tool against all forms of discrimination and extremism.

Dedographia is a series dedicated to female portraits of one of the most controversial and relevant artists of contemporary art: Amedeo Modigliani. The project began in 2018, just before the centenary of the death of the artist from Leghorn, which falls this year, and so far it includes eight photos (all in the gallery), but the artist is not excluding the option of expanding it in the future. As stated by the artist himself, this series begins as a somewhat rebellious gesture, attempting to understand the reason for Modì's celebrity and wondering what he might have created by using tools and resources we have nowadays. What has always distinguished and antagonized photography and painting disappears; these hybrid works confuse the observer, who is unable to understand the technique without careful analysis. The models and the script are the preparatory drawings and the styling and post-production work become the painting tool.

In a dreamlike and distant atmosphere, these women with their magnetic gaze observe us and convey various and contrasting emotions; Modigliani's artistic legacy is strong and full of an as-yet-unknown emotionality in these female portraits, as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. Alicata is a photographer who, although young, has already found his way and it doesn't matter if this path moves among photography, fashion and painting; his works break down barriers and take a precise position, thus reminding us of the relevance of concepts such as mixing and fluidity. In life as in art.


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