#5135, 2018

Series : Defocus

Artist : Boris Grozdanič Gorjan




As I am shortsighted I don't see very well objects that are at a certain distance from me, without wearing eyeglasses. Through that observation, I asked myself: "How do people with a much weaker eyesight than mine see things around them? How blurry things get? What happens with colors?" Through photographic experimentation I got these results, that brought me close to answers to my questions. When I gathered together and developed the project further, it came out an unconscious resemblance to some Rothko's paintings, which fascinates me. When working on this series, I first search for the right scenes, with the right colours and light that will give the desired final result. Thus, I have to go around with an open mind to be able to see it in advance, as the resulting picture is very different than what the eyes see in reality.



Technique : film 35mm, digital fine art print

Support materials : Hahnemühle bright white

Artwork dimensions : 100 x 66 cm

Framed : American style frame, black wood

Frame dimensions : 103 x 69 x 2 cm

Number of editions : 1

Print : 1/9

Artist's proof : 1






#5135 - Boris Grozdanič Gorjan

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