Artist: Cetti Tumminia




I go in. I immerse myself in the bright dark that satiates the soul. I emerge, invigorated by the truth of existence. I stay. I am present, tied to life, tied to my inside, not to sink.


From the dark depths of the twilight the fascinating face of a young girl dazzles as she crosses the threshold of the awakening of consciousness. From the dream state to the chaos of the world a small, precious light, fragile and present at the same time, becomes a lifeline, not to be suffocated by the chains, not to be dragged into the abyss. The diptych finds a way to manifest the intricate meander the human soul is composed by, in a subtle balance between reason and alienation. I pretend to be direct in manifesting a modern feeling of intrinsic battle. Between the roar of madness and the voice of conscience, I tell about the ability to be able to discern and the will to keep firm the boundaries of wisdom. The black and white give an aura of mystery worthy of the inner dimension where everything cannot be completely revealed. While the female face continues to attract to itself in a continuous flow, a stream of consciousness of emotional plots that envelop the soul, generating a succession that accompanies the viewer in a space covered by an ethereal aura.



Composition of 2 works 32.5 x 44.5 x 1.9 each



Technique : mixed media 

Support materials : paper on MDF wood

Artwork dimensions : 44,5 X 65 x 1,9 cm

Framed :  black

Frame dimensions : 48,5 X 74 X 3,5 cm





DALLE PROFONDITA' - Cetti Tumminia

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