Artist : Fabrizio Sclocco




Taken from the show "Orange Chocolate"by Martina Gatto :


I of all things
I only know one.
I know that to know them,
the things of the world,
I have to taste them.
It is not enough to look at them
it really satisfies me to see them in preparation. Imagine then if they are explained, listed in words.

I like to feel the taste, the smell, the intensity of the atoms that tighten to form matter.

If things, then, really
I like them then I have to taste them twice. At the beginning and at the end. Why the same things

done before or done after
they are never the same,
you have to go back, time after time, to rediscover yourself again.
I of all things,

I only know one.
That little truth I tell it by plotting and I'm proud of it. For this, for nothing else,
to those who ask me how I do
I answer, without hesitation, "Cream on top and cream on the bottom!"



Technique : Ink, pastel, acrylic

Support materials : Fabriano cotton paper 300gr

Artwork dimensions : 23 X 30 cm

Framed : matt black metal, relief artwork, glass

Frame dimensions : 39 X 46 X 4 cm





Doppia Panna - Fabrizio Sclocco

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