EcoSistema, 2019

Artist : Cetti Tumminia



In a world where balances seem lost, we must remember that our future depends solely on the moves we choose to make in life's "game".

To highlight this imbalance I have chosen to give more space to artificial materials that resemble dense cities seen from above, a symbol of excessive cementing, and at the same time they are a representation of virtual worlds, which if misused distort the truth to the use and consumption of strong powers. 

The natural element, however, remains central, it rises like a divine entity, reminding us that it is fundamental that it lives to allow us a future. The power that man has to change the course of events is represented by the small joystick connected to the base of the branch.

The imbalance is also reinforced by the distribution of colours: the natural element is in black and white while the colour has been inserted into the texture of the circuits.



Technique : mixed media / assembly

Support materials : paper and poplar wood

Artwork dimensions : 102 X 104 x 5,5 cm





EcoSistema - Cetti Tumminia

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