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Taken from the show "Orange Chocolate" by Martina Gatto :


Do you know that feeling when you grab the covers, slip under them and everything else disappears?

Everyone loves chocolate, many are addicted to it, few build specific rituals for it, only I detach a square from the dark chocolate bar, place it on the tip of my tongue and open the shower tap. Pleasure.

There are those for the feeling of waking up

in the morning in bed with those who love, some for a house with a garden and water pump and a dog digging unlikely holes, some to go to the rocks overlooking the sea, some for the river bank at sunset and perhaps in the company of a friend with guitar, some for a job that takes away space for everything else but satisfies the wallet, some for being a lost nomad, some for a borrowed life that lives carefully, some for a religious, political, social obsession , or simply a utopia:

in the end, everyone lives for a purpose, without realizing it. All I know is that I need at least 546 calories a day to function. 100 grams of chocolate, a small piece next to the 4 o'clock coffee after lunch, a handful of thoughts to throw like dice on the bed, roll up in it, take the courage to get up and spread the bugs of my mind in the surrounding reality. Anyway, nothing changes, and the world seems a gray place, maybe that's why that tablet exists.

I just know that sometimes 546 calories are not enough, and 100 grams of lightheartedness become just a track and I need the rest, I need the meseta, Galicia in November, the territories I've never seen, and a pillow more comfortable. To go down the stairs of the house and find myself in another dimension or maybe just change the shapes and colors, only to realize that they have changed every day as I complained.

Before going to sleep, while the comfortable light switch turns off, remove the square from the emaciated tablet. Turning around twice in bed, wondering if ending it is a crime or the right thing there is.

If you know that feeling, don't just let the kids do it, play it again.



Technique : Ink, pastel, acrylic

Support materials : Fabriano cotton paper 300gr

Artwork dimensions : 23 X 30 cm

Framed : matt black metal, relief artwork, glass

Frame dimensions : 39 X 46 X 4 cm





Goduria - Fabrizio Sclocco

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