Merge-Seperate, Tension-Release, 2020

Artist : Connor Addison




The vulnerability of love is manifest in deep connection and tension expressed in moments of physical affection. It is a dance of interlocking beings, capable of cultivating some of the strongest and most rewarding emotions in our emotional field. When we bond with another, we find ourselves in chains. Chains which are sources of great power welded together by unbreakable trust. But equally, we are captured by the movements and desires of the other, vulnerable to the tension of two souls pulling in different directions. Reconciling a capitulation of the self and an authentic expression of ones inner-world strikes a delicate balance in which everything can be gained and lost.  The fear and beauty found in the power of love.



Technique : oil

Materials : rough canvas

Artwork dimensions : 200 x 162 cm

Framed : -





Merge-Seperate, Tension-Release - Connor Addison

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