Marco Gray


Marco Gray debuts in 2013 with "Marco e l'ape", his first musical project with which he takes his first steps as a singer and songwriter.

The first artistic Showcase, 13th April 2013, takes place in the famous Roman club Big Mama in Trastevere, the birthplace of artists such as Giorgia and Alex Britti. Marco's first single is a cover of Simply Red's "Stars", rearranged by the famous pianist Emiliano Begni. The piece is elegant and refined and debuts in the emerging artists' chart of the English magazine Reverbnation. In 2014 Marco took part in the selections of Sanremo giovani performing in front of artists such as Giusy Ferreri and Roby Facchinetti. In April 2017, after two years of concerts around Italian clubs and the participation to festivals for emerging artists, the single "La triste vita di Luigi" is the first original single of Marco e l'ape. The song is accompanied by a black and white comic videoclip, directed and scripted by Marco himself and drawn by cartoonist and painter Francesco Costantino. The song debuts on National Radio and finds great favour with critics and audiences; it is top trending youtube for summer 2017.  
Marco moves to London where he experiments with new sounds with the desire to get closer to modern britpop. From this union comes his first single in English for the UK and USA market: Ten More Times is launched for the wordlwide market on 10th January 2020. Marco wrote the song, which was produced between London and Brussels. It is a turning point in the artist's career, which is a great success with the public and critics across the Channel: Marco is often defined as the Italian version of Sam Smith. The song debuted in the top 40 emerging artists in the UK, and received great attention also from the Italian audience, never abandoned by Marco. Ten more times received a nomination for best songwriting at the UK Songriting music contest, and a nomination for best act at the International Music awards. In November 2020, Marco released a new single in Italian, "Fammi Andare via". Once again Marco is the author of the song, which is wrapped in a typically international sound, and clearly embraces modern English Pop. The song, produced between London and Palermo, is the second chapter of an artistic trilogy on the theme of emotional detachment. The video clip was broadcast as a national premiere on SKY TV, and the song is a hit on Youtube and Spotify. Given the media success of the song, a remix version was released, with which Marco also embraced dance-pop music. 
In May 2021, the song "On my own" is released, the third and last chapter of the trilogy. The Italian version of the song is "Il posto in cui ora sto".