The dreamlike dimension that the eye expresses through the lens

Stefano Regondi was born in the province of Milan. He has always had a passion for drawing and painting, he attended a school of graphic design and advertising and then took a different academic path and became a professional educator dealing with international cooperation and people with cognitive-behavioural disorders. Often crossing art in his professional path (painting and ceramics workshops), over time he became passionate about streetphotography and experimentation with the camera, and he came to photography as his main means of expression.

The exploration of architectural detail or social diversity becomes the key to interpreting an overexposed and changing present in which the sense of contemporary living, often confused but very complex and fascinating, tries to be translated into photographic images. Colours or analogical experimentation through the camera are the means to distort staticity or amplify it out of all proportion, trying to produce images that do not require post production (if not in the least), or photographic filters.

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