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Tokyo is like a funfair for a street photographer like him who loves walking and spend days photographing.

Virginio Favale is an Italian photographer born in Velletri, Rome in 1969.


His education and training took place between Rome and Milan where Virginio collaborated with the largest international advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA, Young & Rubicam, McCann Erickson, Dentsu and many others.


He currently lives between Rome and Tokyo where he moved in 2013.


Since the early 90’s, Virginio has begun researching the pace of life in large cities. London, Tokyo and New York took much of his attention. Blurring, double exposure and then, with the advent of digital, kaleidoscopes are the most used techniques by Virginio, which are able to tell the best a multifaceted, eclectic vision always linked by a common thread: telling the life, speed, feelings that become, all together, collective consciousness.


In Tokyo Virginio found his muse, his inspiration. Tokyo, the largest city in the world, is like a funfair for a street photographer like him who loves walking and cycling and, above all, spend days photographing. Icons such as taxis, signs, famous sites become the subjects of his early works. Then the focus shifts to people, loneliness and in particular to the building facades that become a real obsession. It is like it is possible to read on the facades all the emotions, life and connections the building contains.


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